Daily Prompt: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior

Taking a few minutes in the beginning of the new year to revisit my WordPress account. Exploring possibilities for 2017, how I want to continue to use my writing and other creative talents.

The DailyPrompt section of my WordPress newsfeed offered a challenge to write something about “Interior.”  The word connected with me tonight as I get really introspective and think about the interior thoughts and feelings I have every day that I don’t always listen to.

For instance, I revisited the e-mail account attached to my WordPress blog today. I realized that I haven’t looked there in months, and that I was telling myself “I don’t have time to look there.” I’ve been saying the same thing about the blog, too.

It was time to make a choice, as I move into 2017. Did I want to check that e-mail, work on this blog?

While reviewing and deleting messages, I rediscovered that I was receiving messages from an organization where I take online classes,  an online news feed that I haven’t visited in weeks, and LinkedIn. Plus, there were the promotional e-mails and other messages  I intended to read and never got around to.

I decided to figure out where I could find those same e-mail messages without them piling up around the messages that are more urgent. You probably can see where that led me: move the older messages I didn’t want to delete so I had more space in the “inbox,” unsubscribe from the news feed since I found another one I’m more enthusiastic about revisiting, and adjust my LinkedIn and other website settings so I see the more important messages without the less important ones. In some cases, I can go to the website that sends out the messages and read them there.

A lot of ranting about less important “stuff” here, and a reason to celebrate as I get ready to publish something else to my blog tonight. About time!